Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lots of Excitements.........

Can you guess what this excitement is about ? Here is a taster, actually 2 tasters.

Taster 1.

Ok - so this is the right side of the fabric, and yes I can hear you, ordinary stitching!!! Keep reading........

Here is taster 2.


This is the wrong side of the fabric. So my question is: Do you know what stitched this wonderful stitching??? Bet lots of you have got it right now. Answers in the comments please!
I will reveal all later this evening when I have returned from my Yoga session.

The other excitement is - I had to go to Cirencester yesterday and dropped into the Brewery Arts Crafts shop... like you do...... and bought these..... it was the colour I fell in love with first and then the simple but elegant shape. Drawback..... the large pot is for olives..... I don't eat olives!!! duh!!! the little one is for stones....... so I thought I would put cherries in them. Looked in Tesco and cherries at half price are £3.99. So maybe not!

See you later.......

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