Monday, July 02, 2007

Diana Memorial Concert and latest.

Well....... did you watch it? Have a look ........ here....... Thought it was a great show. Wembly was fantastic as a venue. What a shame it is constantly used for football! Utter waste .......
Rod Stewart sang my song....Maggie May..... Why did I stand him up at Sloane Square Underground station when we were both at Art School?? I could have been a rich wife! Yeah dream on................ We all used to meet up at the Six Bells pub in Kings Road and then this particular evening we went on to a party in the Fulham Road, that's where I met him. Forgot the date though and therefore stood him up, apparently he was pretty miffed with me!! He did not last long at Art School.

Also remember Reg Dwight bashing the upright piano down the bottom end of the Kings Road in another pub we used to frequent. He performed at the concert last night too, brilliant performance at the start and finish.
Great times we used to have, but a long time ago now. So pleased that younger generations are still enjoying the music we helped to ferment. Enough of past times, back to the present.

Now I promised to tell you about the purchases from Urchfont. I was very restrained. What do you think? I was such a good girl!

Today I went to the Embroiderers Guild Marlborough Branch,

(Marlborough High Street)

to a most enjoyable and informative talk. It was about Chinese Embroideries, Miao Embroideries to be precise... click here for some pictures and information.

Anyone living or visiting the West of England can catch an Exhibition in Bristol called" The Happy People" it runs from 8th September to 20th October 2007. For more details ..... click here

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