Saturday, July 07, 2007

Up and other stitching excitements...

The sun was shining today for a change, and it was sunny, so I could not get back to sleep. At 6.30am I was in the garden and noticed how everything had grown because of all that rain I assume. I have never seen such large buddhlia flowers, and last year these were pale pink.

The Hydrangea has managed to stay white, and is a joy to look at. Just starting to burst.

The Fuchsia buds are starting to open at last. Its been a long wait this year.

Then........................after some chores......back to the excitement.................but soon realised I had not engaged brain before I started !

I took some green calico ( muslin), that I had dyed last year, and also cut up a red chiffon ribbon that had been around a bouquet of flowers, and with my W & G started stitching it down. (Had an image in my head of ploughed fields in the summer.) This is called sketching with fibre, in other words no paperwork designs first.

It did not take me long to realise that the chain stitch is underneath, and I want it on top. How will I know where the ribbon is ---- if I stitch from the back (Have I lost you yet? bear with me).

My other friend came to the rescue............................

This is where 1883 meets Summer 2005 ( Have I really had the embellisher 2 years? How time flies). As you all know, the embellisher pushes the fabric through to the back... in other words...guidelines. How clever is that?

Feeling really pleased with myself..... so with Scissor Sisters CD (Ta-Dah) blasting out to the stereo, I am hand cranking my W & G to the music....fantastic rhythm

So here is a close up of some of it............ back to work now............... better give the W & G some more oil. Have loads more stitching to do........ when I have finished will let you have another look.

Have updated this a few hours later.......

Did you know it is 07-07-07 today?? ...... I have only just realised!

Have been stitching for a while this afternoon...... had to change the music to Phil Collins... But Seriously -Cd, the pace of the Scisssors Sisters was making my arm ache.

As promised next instalment. Now I think I need to sit back and look at it for a while, before I carry on. Any thoughts are most welsome..... leave them in the comments please.


Bea said...

Beautiful landscape - seems to be a red river in this design - perhaps - to mark the center of a flower perhaps you use some beads in yellow and orange - perhaps ... How fun your experiment. Can´t wait to see your next step with this.

Papoosue said...

It's gorgeous - the chain stitch really adds to the ploughed fields effect and the colours are lovely. I wish I could visualise a piece like that!

Angelcat said...

It looks wonderful. I agree with papoosue, I wish I could visualise something like that. The only one thing I would say is the red is quite dominant at the moment and draws your eye, maybe you could think about adding a bit of colour in the top left hand corner (as is in picture) somehow just to draw your eye right across the piece, just a thought :)

Bird on a wire said...

Wow, has the look of Cezanne about it.

Susan said...

I agree...Cezanne and you! Another way to link the late 19th century with today! Beautiful!