Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some days...........

Some days are just duvet days.

This led me to start thinking, as I know Myfanwy and others have been blogging about this. I had also noticed a logo appearing on some blogs, and decided to investigate during the duvet time of my late sunday morning start today.

It was on Mags blog I first saw it.

Was not quite sure what it all meant. If you click on the logo, it will take you to the explanation.
Thanks to Maureen for the link in Myfanwy's comments.
I get around the blogs-don't I? LOL.
So ... why do you blog?
When I started I was not sure what to do, or if I had anything to say. 18 months on.... I can now probably say I use my blog as a visual diary.... mainly for myself.
I have never kept a diary in my life. So this is a first attempt. I only have one blog..... everything goes on that.
I am really chuffed that others like to visit and see what I am up to. Even more chuffed when they leave me comments.
So I thought I would try understand my blogging - why ? - you may well ask.... no idea..... just felt like it.
I know that I enjoy visiting blogs in far off lands -- in parts of the world I would never get to visit. I like to see what art/textiles/crafts are being created. Like to see what the weather is doing, the local fauna and flora. Events/festival that are particular to the country , seen through the bloggers eyes. Exhibitions and holidays..
OK.... I am just plain nosy.... but I love to learn how others live, experience life and create their own craft/art work in those places.
Thats why I visit other blogs...... why folks visit my blog..... not sure... but I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Susan said...

Wonderful link...great thoughts...beautiful insights. As for me, I've kept a journal on and off since I was fourteen. It's been a way to organize my ideas, face my demons, share inspirations, impose personal deadlines, overcome grief, get past pettiness, remember details, and make observations more in depth. Blogging has made "journaling" easier and much, much more legible! About two months ago, I heard a commentary on NPR (National Public Radio...the station that plays more classical music than any other here in South Carolina and the one to which I listen most...though I generally work in total, sublime silence). Anyway, the commentary was on blogging. Blogging is now considered a "new literary genre" by several academic experts. I love that! We're on the cutting edge of literature as well as fiber arts!